Floating Door.

Bomb bomb. Knock knock: We have to go. It’s now or no. We have to get to the water… they actually shot her and him. We have to go. This land is not safe. You run and slip away. leaving everything you once knew. You somehow are some of the lucky few. And this is the story of how I am made by you.

You got onto a boat and started sailing a stream. You came to this American land with pain and trauma. You are my mama. You came to this land wanting the American dream. The Mainstream. City lights. no domestic fights. Real civil and legal rights. Warm and safe nights. Perfect Family Pictures. We grow up. We get richer. We can buy Expensive Shirts. You always have work. The Red and white stripes. Blue stars. Nice cars. Big house. Good Spouse. Checks don’t bounce. We bounce up.

While I’m dreaming, you make sure Youre out of sight so you could wipe away the tears and call it a night. Your head hurts from being stressed. You make sure I’m dressed and well fed. Your 50 pound body is almost dead. You hide those scars of anxieties and insecurities. Run to the car. Unpack your broken dreams. Inch by inch, you make sure that everyday I am closer to being rich.

He said he would be there all your life through in sickness and in health. but he held a knife to you and said give me all your wealth. You two would fight. It was never out of your mind. It was only out of line. To us, it felt like checkmate. Stalemate. All this constant arguing and no love. Push then a shove. he goes on to have affairs. how is that fair? You are late because of your soulmate. You run. Up and down the tables. You collect tips. He lights a cigarette. We fall deeper into debt. he sips sips. Hits and quits. Your boss fills your head with job threats and credit card debt. Dad is out having sex. I see him and ask “Have we met?”

Don’t you worry, mom. I’m gonna tell our story. Take my hand. I know I’m our one chance; the last dance. The hood will disappear all because of the person I see in the mirror.

You said to run like nobody has ever done: You continue to take all this pain. You set it aside. Why is it that you paid but I get to go on the ride? Mind over matter. it seems like I have to glue back what’s been shattered.

4 Years later My nickname is boy savior when I just want to be the boy who just saves her. You’re Battered and bruised. But at the end of the day, I will always choose you.

You tell me to keep my shoulders steady. you’re the one made to be ready. To Make that Money. Find that honey who makes me happy. Make sure you don’t treat your body crappy. Our American dream is on the way. So Grab the blue stars. Paint your own stripes. Don’t you ever stop the damn fight. Change the game. Make sure the people around the table remember your name — Daniel Michael Dang.



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Daniel Michael Dang

Daniel Michael Dang

Dan the Developer. Not sure what I’m developing yet though.